E Series

Exotic Collection

A captivating interpretation of natural stormy sky, GrandHome Stone Vina’s E Series is layered with large veins, offering a complex composition of dark or light base slabs.

Product surface:

Standard size:
126″ x 63″ — 3200 x 1600 (mm)
137″ x 78″ — 3500 x 2000 (mm)

Weight (kg/sqm):
51kg – 112,4 lbs (for 20mm)
70kg – 154,3 lbs (for 30mm)

20mm – 0,78″
30mm – 1,18″

Calacatta Slabs

Calacatta Storm
GSV – 9101

Calacatta Storm Gold
GSV – 9102

Calacatta Ocean
GSV – 9105

Calacatta Rio Light
GSV – 9108

Calacatta Grey No.2
GSV – 9110

Calacatta Black No.2
GSV – 9111

Marquina Grey
GSV – 9106

Calacatta Black No.01
GSV – 9104

Calacatta Storm Black 
GSV – 9114

Your kitchen surface is the HEART of your home.

GrandHome quartz comes with shiny or matte hard surface with very little maintenance – produced by the highest quality craftsmanship and made with only the best materials available.

Grandhome Stone’s quartz slab is made from >90% natural quartz – one of the strongest natural materials – together with great craftsmanship, to produce beautiful designs to your home.

Strength of Quartz

Quartz is rate 7 while Diamond is 10 on MOH scale

Scratch Resistance

Scratch, chip and stain resistant


Heat resistant for hot boiling water and other heat source up to 10 mins

Low Level of Porosity

No water penetration and anti-bacteria

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